My Country, ‘Tis of “Me”?

What is it about the human condition that makes so many of us unwilling to share? It shows up in small ways, "I don't want to pay taxes so old people can stay healthy", "I don't want to pay more for my health insurance (pennies) so women can have birth control medication", or "I refuse to use public transportation like my grandparents did, even to save the planet." Throughout history, in almost every country, it has evinced itself in wars, revolts, genocide, slavery, or a combination of the above.

Me Too

A family member recently was, as she put it, "disappointed" that I was not horrified by the allegations against Joe Biden. I understand why she felt that way, considering the fact that I am what the media calls "a survivor". It was long ago and far away during my early childhood, and was curtailed around …

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