Our Soldiers, Our Country

I am now waiting for all those persons sending posts to face book  “supporting” our armed forces, insinuating that only their beloved president and his followers supported our troops adequately, to jump in and ask for further intelligence on the allegations that Russia has placed a bounty on our soldiers heads. I imagine it will be a long wait. Do we

crop person showing various dollars near american flag
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

really believe that a question this momentous belongs only to the Republican legislators for discussion? Are we really so divided that we will not, in unison, stand up for our military men and women? Is Trump so important to some people that he could sell this country out, and still be sent by God?

Of course it might just be a hoax, like Russian interference in our election was…NOT! Whether it can be traced back to Putin or not, the interference was real. Even if just a coterie of Russians decided to interfere for giggles (which I do not believe), it was nevertheless Russian interference. Just as, even if it is a Russian oligarch that decided to place the bounty on our military, it is still Russia trying to hurt our country! This is no longer in question, our intelligence has followed the money.  Members of the Taliban have confirmed the payments made.

Their are a plethora of CIA, Russian experts and on the ground journalists who agree that Putin hates, or at best dislikes, our country and would like nothing better than to  watch it disintegrate. He has shown open amusement at our presidents childish bumbling and hero worship of murdering autocrats. Putin is living his wish, and we are the loser as Russia and China vie to dominate the world.

All of that world politics aside, dangerous and important as it may be, at the moment our service members lives are on the line and the Republican legislative body meets by

soldier sliding downhill holding rifle during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

themselves to discuss how to spin it. This is not normal when our intelligence finds a threat to our countries safety, which would include danger to our service members. In that scenario it is important  that both parties in the legislative body are briefed, together, on the intel. Together, so they come out of the briefing with the same information and can work on the problem together.

Is this truly what Trump voters wanted? A country that turns it’s back on those young people on the front lines? Well, they are seemingly not concerned for the 120,000+ who have lost their lives in a totally mishandled pandemic, so should I be surprised that Trump and company are unconcerned that Russian entities, whoever they may be, are bank rolling the head hunting of our soldiers? So, where are these troop supporters?

My mind rebels at the thought that bounty hunters are collecting money on the death of our military personnel.  In my imagination our flag is darkening and shedding tears at pio5LrKBTthe state of the nation. What happened to the main job of the presidency, keeping our people, and especially our military, safe? What ever happened to “the buck stops here” (thank you President Truman)? Whatever happened to accountability, compromise, and, yes, “love thy neighbor as thyself”?

In the end all I can do is write my sadness and shed my tears that Trump is so important to a swath of our citizenry that we can sacrifice our troops to Putin’s hate and Republican indifference. To Quote my Republican friends, “support our troops”!

Whatever God, Gods, Goddesses or Nature you might pray to, pray  for our troops, and pray that our country stands behind them every day, all the way.

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