Where I have Landed

Watching the world today is sometimes amusing, sometimes depressing and always puzzling…like, does anyone remember history, and when did our country forget the lessons we learned in utilizing compassion and pragmatism to help rebuild Europe? Realizing my feelings regarding the world, the politics and the voters of today made me decide to verbalize my thoughts for myself, if nobody else.

Full disclosure: I will soon become an octogenarian. That means I have eight decades of living in this world’s history in every situation from middle class to homelessness, from marriage to divorce, from few responsibilities to single parenthood. In my sixtieth year I was able, in partnership with my 20180428_145124624386021.jpgdaughter, to purchase a home on 2.5 acres where we live with three dogs, five horses, two goats, two sheep, three cats, and various fowl. We also have itinerate visitors to the property including Raccoons, Skunks, Coyotes, Turkeys and various sea birds which, along with the regional bird life, lizards and frogs makes a rich, varied and challenging environment.

Upon my final retirement three years ago I became the caretaker of all the flora and fauna on the property, which includes cleaning stalls, off loading hay, grain and bedding from our pick-up, digging post holes, and riding my horse when I have a free moment! It is a challenging but invigorating way to spend the final quarter of my century, surrounded by the animals I love and with whom I share my tiny bit of planet.