What Was That Thing Last Night?

I was in a speech club in high school that included our debate team. I know what a debate sounds like, and it sure as heck does not sound like last night!

You can learn a lot from musical comedy. The following is from Chicago , the song is “Class”:

Whatever happened to fair dealing?
And pure ethics
And nice manners?
Why is it everyone now so a pain in the ass?
Whatever happened to class?

Ironically the number is sung by one very classless character in duet with a very corrupt character. So, the question is, how can two such flawed people discuss the nastiness and corruption they embody? Well, we have a president that not only does that constantly, we also have too many people who believe the rosy part of his rhetoric and plug their ears to his more egregious statements.

According to Jon Meacham “it was a dumpster fire that Donald Trump set”. I have heard pundits saying Biden didn’t respond strongly enough, others that he should not have shot back the few times he did, Trump was on fire, Biden was bland, they both did nothing but name calling. If you are confronted by a liar, bombarded with his untruths, what is wrong with calling him out? Let’s face it, our president has been proven to lie constantly:

Within the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, The Washington Post began a Fact Checker column that tallied untrue or misleading statements, with the database reaching 20,000 on July 9, 2021. Wikipedia

Google “does Trump lie?”, you will see ample proof of mistruths and fabrications! He even lies about his lies, and all that is proven by videos of him making a statement, and yet another video of him stating the exact opposite.

But forget the actual lying, look at the “performance”…for that is what it was…of our reality “star” president. How many ways can we say “embarrassing”? A good swath of the world is interested in who will head our next administration, does anyone really think that cringe worthy performance will cause anything but laughter or disgust…or both…among our allies? And cheers (plus laughter) among our enemies.

Our country’s future is now at stake, do we want the Trump chaos and dis-information that will lead us to the goal (whatever that is.. civil war? anarchy?) preferred by the minority of our citizenry? Or would we “be best” with the incremental, less dramatic approach of Biden, that will move in the direction desired, albeit in baby steps, by the vast majority of our country? Sadly, we have been ruled by the minority for too long, and some are actually backing voter suppression, or state legislatures naming their electoral representative instead of the voters, maybe pushing it to their stacked Supreme Court, or whatever else they can do to “win”. Trump wants his own “brown shirts” displaying their guns and intimidating would be voters at polling places. The saying goes “cheaters never prosper”, but check out how Trump, and some of his cronies, have prospered off running our country. The question is, will it still be “our” country after the election? The choice is ours.

I will give the corrupt, un-decent MATRON the last word:
Jesus Christ, ain’t there no decency left?

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