On Motherhood, Babies and MAGA

I am a mother. It was not planned, hoped for or desired, but one day I found myself sitting across the desk of a Military Doctor as he informed me that I was pregnant.  Shocked into blurting out "that is impossible,"  he crassly replied "you and your husband do have sex, don't you?" One weekend in San Francisco without protection...one! So my first reaction is shocked disbelief, later morphing into resignation, then to acceptance. It was my assigned delivery doctor who changed the entire emotional trajectory when he stated that he could hear the babies heartbeat. Suddenly the whole experience was warm and real.

On Bigotry

We keep hearing how America needs to be great again. My question is to when are they referring? For the next few blogs I will be discussing what I saw happening during our so called "great" period. It was a time of hope when we were moving forward toward true greatness, and beginning to come out of the dark.  The country was starting to realize the importance of inclusion and how damaging bigotry could be to the community and the kind of violence it could encourage.