On Politics Today

I am very close to giving up on my beloved country and finding a cave somewhere into which I can disappear. It has always been a given that there was an underground Mafia, some individuals were corrupt, occasionally employees would take a pen or note pad home from work.  No country is free of criminals, even murderers, all of which we try to control and adjudicate fairly in this country. But the United States has entered the brotherhood of autocracies. Our president is utilizing the office for his monetary gain, has a history of commerce with mafia types, and is, in essence, quietly condoning the gruesome murder of a US permanent resident, a journalist, by his friends the Saudis. After all, the journalist was not a citizen! Even worse, they are now attempting to turn that respected journalist into a terrorist in order to justify his murder.

We now have two members of the Supreme court who have, at the least, harassed young women in earlier years, and in the latest case proven his unfitness andKavanaugh disdain for others during his hearings. We had an individual run for office who controlled the voting apparatus in his state wiping thousands of voter registrations from the roles. We have conservative candidates running adds lying about their opponents in egregious manners, attempting to make them seem like part of a conspiracy to ruin the United States. Of course we are seeing names that are not quite “American” so they must be terrorists, right?

The atmosphere in our country is so broken and dark that some white citizens seem to feel it is appropriate to call the police whenever they see a person of color in “their” space…couldn’t possibly live in my nice apartment building, shouldn’t be talking in another language, doesn’t belong in this private club’s pool, wearing a hijab (oh my!) and on and on.

Today winning is the only goal, however it can be done. Cheat, lie, mock, encourage violence…and don’t try to push that on the dems, they are trying to do peaceful protests or just tell their (highly emotional) stories to those in the seats of power. It is the president who applauded a journalist being slammed to the ground, and now appears to be condoning murder of the most gruesome. But he and his cohorts are winning, andflag hug lording it over the majority of the citizenry who are dismayed, startled and appalled by the direction we are taking as a country. That, apparently, is all that matters, not the lives that are lost, the families that have been broken, and the individuals who have been hurt by the actions taken by our law makers and the policies of this administration.

It has been recently in the news that the separation of children from their families is still happening.  By leaving these children rudderless this administration is helping to create a generation of terrorists. How would you feel about a country that tore you away from your family as an infant, a toddler, or a pre-teen?

It is the administrations job to govern, alongside it’s equal partners the legislative and judicial branches. It is up to this governing body to make decisions on rules, regulations, policies, and how different departments operate. Any and all of those decisions will help some individuals, and hurt some individuals, that is the inevitability of choosing the road for a large population rather than one, or possibly a few, individuals. The trick is to help the majority of the citizenry while causing as little pain as possible to as few as possible.  Good governing also includes enabling those on the bottom to find a road up towards hope for a better life.  There are always compromises in life, why should there not be room for compromises in governing? There should be no room  in government however for corruption, hate, bigotry, or waging war against the fourth estate. We, the people, come in different colors, religions, ideology, genders, and life experiences. We all want a certain amount of safety, housing, nourishment, and, yes, entertainment. What the majority do not desire is our government becoming the entertainment and turning our leadership into a circus, or a reality show.

There are a few signs of hope and a dim light showing at the end of the tunnel.  The citizenry shouted their opinion at the mid-terms, more investigations are underway,constitution fragment and the GOP show signs of possible splits and disagreements on presidential over-reach. I am hopeful, but wary.  If there is no sea change in the near future the impact on myself will be minimal if at all.  My concern is for all of the children, the babies yet to make their entrance into the world. My concern is for the slow death of a country that grew through the vision of our forefathers, and the blood, sweat and tears of myriads of diverse inhabitants who fought together, fought each other, and ultimately helped save Europe and created a safety net for our citizenry. My concern is for the big globe we live on that still has a small contingent insisting it is a flat disc and too many believing the great expansion of the human footprint could not possibly be damaging to the earth. My future is in the past, when the time comes I will go “gentle into that good night” and grateful for the peace, but at the same time with a burning “rage, rage against the dying of the light” that once was the country I loved and will be leaving behind.

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