“Give Me The Boy”

A community is being destroyed by a giant who is looking to avenge herself on a young boy from the village.  The resident witch implores the villagers, “we can always give her the boy….give me the boy!”

I once had an employer who was a lovely man, but after seeing Into the Woods his take away: it is an amusing fairy tale with no substance. I was astounded that he could not see the multiple lessons in that show (most of which are irrelevant to this discussion).  Today we are watching our own, orange colored giant tear out our “garden”, destroy our country, and , yes, kill our citizens. No, that is not hyperbole. It is known throughout the world

COVID-19 anyone can get a virus_Facebook
COVID-19 anyone can get a virus_

that he has mishandled the virus, and consequentially we have lost twice as many lives in this country then would have happened with better leadership, and are continuing to lose more each day.  He also shrugged his shoulders at Russia putting a bounty on our soldiers heads. Then there are the children who will die from cancer or other diseases in a few years after exposure to lead, pesticides and other poisons the EPA used to control.

We also have our “witch”, Senator McConnell is “not good … not nice” but in his own, smug, arrogant way believes he is “right”.  Neither the “witch” or the “giant” care at all about the people, the citizenry are merely a means to an end. Get enough individuals in the right states to fall for the man behind the curtain and Mitch will be able to consolidate power and end our democratic republic forever. Again, not hyperbole, Trump stated bluntly that there would be no transfer of power, it will be a continuation. This was not political optimism, he had already prepared the ground by stating mail in votes would be considered invalid, corrupt, and indicated the courts would back him. He is continuously litigating the outcome of our election to prove his unsubstantiated claims and create doubt about the validity of Biden’s win. Fortunately the courts are finding there various arguments asserting fraud and vast irregularities have no factual basis or documented proof.


So the future of our country has now been passed through the hands of the “villagers”, our fellow citizens, the people, who have stated unequivocally that we want to “dump Trump” and his corrupt team.  Sadly we will still be faced with the obstructionist policies of the Republican leadership, which does not believe in cooperation and sees compromise as a dirty word. It seems we have almost half of our population that believe everyone should live under their rules, their beliefs, and preferably their religion. There are even those entities that suggest we just let the vulnerable risk the virus so the rest can go on with their lives, without masks. After all, one legislator suggested he was willing to risk his life so the country could move forward, and so should be all vulnerable individuals. After all, what difference will the loss of a one or two hundred thousand seniors, diabetics or asthmatics make to the country??? That is unethical, inhumane and disgusting. No, we cannot “give them the boy”.

In the meantime, our “lame duck giant” will continue to trample our

Trump hugs a U.S. flag as he comes onstage to rally with supporters in Tampa, Florida
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

country, even possibly starting WWIII if he is granted his wish to attack Iran. Trump is the giant, McConnell the witch, and we are the world…albeit split into segments that make it hard to work together.  We need to recognize that, understand you can agree to disagree, with compromises moving the country forward, and realize …  together we thrive, separated we hate, and hate breeds  violence. Is that really the road we want to travel?

Wear your mask, stay safe, and lets move the country forward together!

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